• Could you answer these few questions?

    As a non-profit organisation, The Freedom Theatre relies on the generosity and support of individuals around the world who make it possible for us to offer cultural activities to the children, youth and adults in Jenin refugee camp and beyond.

  • Help ASHTAR Theatre

    ASHTAR is a dynamic local Palestinian Theatre with a truly progressive global perspective. They aim to promote creativity and commitment for change through a novel combination of specific training and acting programs and services and professional theatre performances.
    Other than working in the two main locations in Ramallah and Gaza, ASHTAR Theatre also trained groups in Jerusalem, Nablus, Hebron, Bethlehem and the Jordan Valley.

    Unfortunately, ASHTAR Theatre is going through critical financial statues due to deteriorated political and economic situation. Help ASHTAR keep its blazing stage by:

  • Join the Freedom Theatre in celebrating 10 years of cultural resistance!

    Over the past decade the freedom theatre has devoted themselves to what the co-founder, the late Juliano Mer Khamis, called the ‘Cultural Intifada’ – a movement that harnesses the force of creativity and artistic expression in the quest for freedom, justice and equality.
    In celebration of the 10-year milestone, the freedom theatre is calling on friends and comrades from around the world to join at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp and in other key areas of oppression and resistance within occupied Palestine. The common time together will include workshops, performances, cultural activism, networking, discussion forums and much more.

  • Through A Different Lens

    Call for application: ASHTAR Theatre International Youth Festival (ATiYF) 2016

    It is a biennial camp-fest held by ASHTAR Theatre, and organized by ASHTAR Theatre graduates; next year will be the 3rd edition of this camp-fest which targets theatre youth groups/ individuals from around the world between the ages 17 - 24.

    You find more information about the camp-fest in call for participation and application.
    Deadline for applying: 15th of February 2016.

  • Diyar Dance Theatre im Herbst in Deutschland

    Das Diyar Dance Theatre aus Bethlehem wird im Rahmen der KinderKulturKarawane in Deutschland auf Tour sein. Die Gruppe ist für den Herbst 2016 eingeladen.

    Organisatoren, Veranstalter, engagierte Personen und Vereine die Interesse daran haben, die Gruppe für Auftritte und/oder Workshops zu buchen wenden sich bitte an Ewa Stachowicz (Fon: +49 (0)40 39900413 /

  • Christmas Greetings

    The team of the Palestinian German Diologue about Theatre and Theatre Pedagogique
    Wish you
    Merry Christmas
    And the very best wishes for a good peaceful 2015
    We hope to meet you next year!
    Klaus Hoffmann, Andreas Poppe, Christian Prunczak

  • International Festival "Let's Unite for a Dignified Life"

    International Theatre Festival - Theatre of the Oppressed 2015

  • Suicide Note from Palestine

    Online streams on December 20 & 21

    A violent Israeli attack on the Gaza strip is projected on numerous TV screens. Amidst the chaos of screaming sirens and shelling, Amal, embodying her own country, Palestine, is lying in a hospital bed in the middle of the stage. Her heartbeat has stopped and medical staff wearing white, UN-marked coats are trying to resurrect her. Amal has decided to die as a political act.

  • It's the holiday season!

    This holiday season, you can be part of spreading the magic of theatre to a new generation of Palestinian refugees. How?

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  • Join the 2015 Freedom Ride!

    During March 19-30, 2015, people from across Palestine and abroad will join communities in marginalized areas of the occupied West Bank, in a solidarity ride that will include volunteer work, guided walks, interactive workshops and cultural events. Through Playback Theatre, community members will share personal accounts about the realities of life and struggle under military occupation and structural apartheid.

  • Tamer from ASHTAR Theatre is finally back home

    After almost one month of waiting in Hamburg and Cairo the member of Ashtar Theatre was able to get into Gaza through Rafa’s boarder.

    Thanks to all who supported Tamer in this time!

  • Amandla! Freedom Theatre tribute to Mandela

    The Freedom Theatre performs The Island in São Paulo, Brazil, on December 7 and 8

    Freedom TheatreThe world mourns one of its greatest heroes, Nelson Mandela. A true freedom fighter has ended his struggle but his legacy will forever be in the hearts of millions across the world. In Palestine, Mandela is known as a brother, a friend and an inspiration.

    "We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians"  Nelson Mandela