• Towards fulfilling the dream of cultural resistence

    Today April 4, is the start of The Freedom Theatre's annual celebration of cultural resistance, in memory of Juliano Mer Khamis. This day has strong symbolical value to us because six years ago, Juliano was assassinated outside The Freedom Theatre by an unknown murderer. Today is also the commemoration of the 2002 Battle of Jenin when our community held against a brutal invasion by the occupation forces.

    The basic principles of The Freedom Theatre include developing awareness and re-imagining reality to create a progressive viewpoint that opposes any attempts to crush people’s dreams or place external conditions on their aspirations.

  • Alibaba & the Forty Thieves

    Puppetry play premier at April 19th at 05:00 pm on Yes theatre stage!


  • The Freedom Theatre embarks on UK tour with The Siege

    "It is very exciting to welcome The Freedom Theatre’s tour of their new play ‘The Siege’ to Britain. This is real political theatre, performed out of the both terrible and inspiring experience of a struggle for freedom and justice. They are living proof that telling stories and entertaining audiences are powerful acts of resistance to oppression. Do go and see them, they have news for us. This little theatre could change the world.” Howard Brenton, playwright

  • ASHTAR’s Fifth Theatre of The Oppressed Festival opening ceremony

    يسر مسرح عشتار دعوتكم الى افتتاح مهرجان عشتار الدولي لمسرح المضطهدين
    وذلك يوم الخميس الموافق 30/4/2015 الساعة 7:00 مساءً على خشبة مسرح عشتار
    حيث سيتم عرض مسرحية "المرياع والقرقاع"

  • Theater of the Oppressed JOKERS Conference 2015

    Call for participation
    Theater of the Oppressed JOKERS Conference 2015
    Theatre of the Oppressed Festival 2015, ASHTAR Theatre, Ramallah Palestine


    Title of Conference


    “The Joker is the ‘midwife’, assisting in the birth of all ideas, of all actions!”

    Augusto Boal