“Fairuz Secret”


The Freedom Theatre has the pleasure to invite you to attend the online puppet play

“Fairuz Secret”

By Mélanie Dahl
TFT production, 2019

Tuesday, March, 31, 2020, at 12:00 pm

Directed by: Ahmed Tobasi,
Artistically preparation: Fidaa Zidan,
Performed by: Arwa Hleihl | Majde Nazzal | Munther Bannourah

About the show:
It tells the story of Fairuz as she waits to give her mother a gift on Mother's Day, and tries keep it as a secret until her mother's surprise comes true. However, her neighbor Karkour will try to sabotage Fairuz and expose her little secret. What will Fairuz do to preserve her gift and surprise?

Follow us to watch the play through this link: