Member of Ashtar Theatre rejected at egyptian border

ASHTAR Theatre youth group is back after a successful tour in Germany with The Gaza Monologues which lasted 40 days with Kinder Kultur Karawane in different cities in Germany and Vienna.

The play had a very good reception by the audiences and the press. Directed by Bayan Shbib and performed by ASHTAR students and graduates: Sasha Asbah, Walid Hantouli, Dalia Said, Assil Saba and Dara Rafidi from Ramallah, and Tamer Nijim from Gaza.

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On their way back the group had to return from different boarders as in the case of the fragmented Palestine; Tamer Nijim had to return to Gaza via Cairo airport to enter through the closed Rafah boarder, once it is open.  Unfortunately Tamer was denied entry to Egypt by the Egyptian control and thus sent back to Germany this morning.

ASHTAR Theatre is very angry and frustrated by such action and demand immunity for the artists who are ambassadors of the people and their voices to the World.