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Palestinian – German Dialogue about Theatre and Theatre Education

3rd Conference 28 Oct – 2 Nov 2013
Palestinian – German Dialogue about Theatre and Theatre Pedagogy


  • Dar Al Kalima College, Bethlehem
  • Committee on Church and Theatre in the Evangelical Church in Germany
  • Federal Association of Drama and Theatre in Germany
  • University for Applied Sciences Osnabrueck and Lingen – Institute for Theatre Pedagogy
  • Sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service     


Monday,28Oct 2013

14:30 Network meeting and planning with Christian Prunczak

For all interested persons and institutions, who want to present their work in our internet portal.


17:00 Performance and Opening of the Conference

Reverend Dr. Mitri Raheb - President Diyar Consortium

Mrs. Vera Baboun - Lord Mayor of Bethlehem

Klaus Hoffmann - Coordinator of the „Palestinian German Dialogue about Theatre and Theatre Pedagogy

Andreas Poppe - Coordinator of the University for Applied Sciences, Osnabrueck, Institute of Theatre Pedagogy


Tuesday, 29 Oct 2013

10.00 Lectures: Educational systems, Cultural and Intercultural Education and Theatre Education.

Chair: Dr. Nuha Khoury

Mahmud Eid - Ministry of Higher Education in Palestine

Ma’moun al Sheikh - Ministry of Culture

Selen Korad Birkiye, Turkish Creative Drama Association, Istanbul State Theatre: Theatre pedagogy in Turkey

Prof. Dr. Florian Vaßen, Leibniz University, Hanover: Theatre as ordinary lesson in schools


2.30 Workshops (parallel): Theatre Pedagogy in Theatres, with special Peergroups, in Refugee Camps, with people with Special Needs.

Jonatan Stanczak, Freedom Theatre, Jenin: Theatre generating cultural resistance

Eduard Mu´allem, Ashtar Theatre, Ramallah: Introduction to the theatre of the oppressed

Mohammed Issa, Yes theatre, Hebron: Theatre for Development

Florian Fiedler, Young Schauspiel Hannover: We come to organize your peace – a tale about German confusion


Wednesday, 30Oct 2013

10.00 Lectures, discussions about positions, aims and researches about theatre with children and youth, cultural potentials of social transformation              

Chair: Andreas Poppe

Prof. Dr. Marianne Streisand, Institute of Theatre Pedagogy: Sites and Findings: Thoughts on a Possible Exploration of Theatre Pedagogy

Prof. Dr. Romi Domkowsky, University for Applied Sciences, Alice Salomon, Berlin: Performing theatre – and its Effects

Florian Fiedler, Young Schauspiel Hanover: Self-determinate Youth Theatre


2.30 Workshops (parallel): Theatre in leasure time, with target groups like kids, young adults.

Katharina Kolar, Institute of Theatre Pedagogy: "Theatre work with, of and for Apprentices in Germany - yesterday and today"

Nadine Giese, Institute of Theatre Pedagogy, Lingen: Experimental and performative forms of playing theatre

Renate Breitig, Theatre and School, Berlin: Cooperations between Theatre for young audience and Kindergarten


Thursday, 31Oct 2013

Sightseeing tour in Palestine

Friday, 1 Nov 2013

10.00 Lectures: Theatre in Schools, Curricula, Cooperations of Theatres and Schools. Train the Trainer Programs               

Chair: Klaus Hoffmann

Prof. Dr. Vaßen, Leibniz University, Hanover: Studies for Theatre Teachers

Raimund Finke, Federal Association of Theatre Pedagogy, Cologne: Training of Theatre Pedagoguesoutside of universities

Hala Yamani, University Bethlehem: Theatre in schools

Khaled Massou, Inad Theatre, Beit Jala: The importance of Theatre Education with children of the age of 6 to 12 years


14.30 Workshops (Parallel): Acting and directing in schools, Training the Trainer

Selen Korad Birkiye, Turkish Association of Creative Drama, Instanbul, State Theatre: Legends and Fairy-Tales for Social Learning

Khaled Massou, Inad Theatre, Beit Jala: Theatre with children of the age of 6 to 12 years

Feisal Abu-Alheija, Freedom Theatre, Jenin: Playback

Ihab Zahda, Yes Theatre, Hebron: Theatre in schools in Palestine


Saturday, 2Nov 2013

10.00 Lectures: Critic  - Chair: Prof Dr. Mu’tasem Adileh

Renate Breitig, Theatre and School, Berlin: Cooperations between Cultural Institutions/|Artists and Schools

Herwig Lewy, Journalist, Theater der Zeit: Critic in Children and Youth Theatre

14.30 Knowledge sharing workshop

Children and Youth Theatre Festivals in Palestine and Germany, the World Children Feast in Lingen 2014, Germany.

Klaus Hoffmann, Andreas Poppe and others

Evaluation of the conference

Planning the next conference in Germany, July 2014