Freedom Theatre Introducing: New Theatre School class

A group of 18 students have just finished the first of an eight-week integration period of The Freedom Theatre’s three-year educational program in acting. The students have come from all over the West Bank to embark upon a journey that will undoubtedly be both life-changing and challenging, bringing them into the world of theatre and drama.

The integration phase will be an intensive trial period when the new students get to try many different things and will be evaluated in the process. The students will engage in practical work from the very beginning. Once a week, they will work together and individually on given themes and present their work to the teachers. The aim is to give the students experience in creating in a group as well as in developing their own artistic identity.

New Theatre School Class

“Many innovations have been implemented in the Theatre School recently”, says Micaela Miranda, the school’s Director and Movement teacher. “The most important is that, as a part of our capacity building philosophy, we are integrating two of our graduated students into the faculty: Faisal Abu Alheyja and Ahmad Al-Rokh.  With the help of the theatre's Film Unit experts we have also been able to include cinema and acting for camera in our regular training program.”

The subjects of music and dance are now also part of the core program, thanks to volunteers who join the theatre to share their skills. One of them is Maria Karlsen from Norway, who is currently working with both the school and on our upcoming production, Magic Note.

According to Micaela Miranda, not less important is the subject of cleaning: “The students are taking this on with enthusiasm, since our motto for this special time of the day is ‘We clean to give space for art’.”

This is the third group of students to enroll since the Theatre School was established in 2008. Through a monthly grant, The Freedom Theatre helps the students support themselves financially throughout their education. Without this grant, most of them would not be able to join the Theatre School. YOU can help us nurture the next generation of revolutionary artists in Palestine by making a donation here! If you choose to become a recurring donor, you contribute to the long-term sustainability of our Theatre School.

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