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  • Ashtar Theatre Newsletter May-December 2016

    ASHTAR Theatre NewsletterASHTAR Theatre NewsletterASHTAR Theatre Newsletter

  • "Return to Palestine" Returns to Palestine

    February 6-23, the street theatre play Return to Palestine will be toured across the West Bank

    Return to Palestine centres around Jad, a Palestinian born in America, who goes to Palestine for the first time in his life. Wanting to know more about his people and identity, he finds out that reality is very different from what he has seen in the news.

    Return to Palestine is an original production by The Freedom Theatre, directed by Micaela Miranda and performed by an ensemble of graduates of The Freedom Theatre School. It was originally created in 2016, after extensive story-gathering in the communities engaged in The Freedom Theatre’s annual Freedom Ride. The play includes stories from Jenin refugee camp and city, Fasayel, Dheisheh refugee camp, Mufaqara and Gaza.

  • Looking back and leaping forward

    News and updates from The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp

    2016 - our ten-year anniversary - has been an exceptional year for The Freedom Theatre. More than 10,000 children, youth and adults in Jenin refugee camp and across the occupied West Bank have been involved in our workshops, trainings and performances in theatre, photo, film and creative writing. We have initiated several new programs, toured extensively and graduated our third class of full-time acting students after three years of study in acting, devising and cultural resistance. In a community facing multiple layers of oppression and fragmentation, that is no small feat.

  • Magic Note - it's time to book your seat!

    Music City is a beautiful place where everyone spends their days playing music and dancing. Each year the King organizes a big music festival, inviting musicians from all over the world to perform. But this year things starts to go wrong: the people who have spent all their life dancing and playing music have not worked, the children have not gone to school and the fields have not been tended to and thus yield no crops.

  • Projekt «Die Gaza Monologe»

    «Wisst ihr, dieses Land ekelt mich an, obwohl ich es liebe.» Tamer aus Gaza

    Die Gaza Monologe in Bern
    31 Jungen und Mädchen im Alter zwischen 13 und 17 Jahren haben dieses Stück geschrieben, doch keiner von ihnen wird zur Aufführung ihrer Texte kommen können. Sie alle leben im Gazastreifen, jener Krisenregion zwischen Israel und Ägypten, deren Einwohner seit Jahrzehnten unter der anhaltenden Abriegelung leiden.