Red Noses Palestine

Red Noses Palestine

Logo Red Nose PalestineDoctor clown project in Palestine started as a small idea some years ago, developed over days until it became mature to start the actual work on the ground and visit the hospitals in the occupied Palestinian Territories.

Since it started, we aimed to find and train interested clowns to become qualified and able to work on their own with minimum guidance.

The therapeutic clown is dedicated to developing and promoting practical and productive coping strategies in the health environment by concentrating on the scientifically proven health benefits of humor. When clowns work with patients, they take their individual needs and interests into consideration. This results in a special connection between patient and artist. The patient’s response is an elevation of mood coupled with laughter. Laughter - a profound key to regaining balance and being able to cope. The simple sound of laughter ringing out with joy and vitality is a signal of hope – all over the world.

An array of laughter studies show that laughter releases endorphins and therefore has a positive effect on the general well-being, strengthening the immune system and the psyche, easing pain and tightening social bonds. This requires from the professional “clowndoctor” a special sense of compassion, sensitivity, intuition. Their skills for situational awareness and improvisation must be expertly fine-tuned.

Red noses  Palestine was created as a branch office to the Rednoses international in Vienna, it was created as the first experience for the organization to the middle east beacsue of the big need for its intervention and activities in the Palestinians Hospiatls where children are traumatized and health care services are in big need for development and improvement. Red Nosed Palestine expanded and is now working in five Palestinian hospitals including Palestinians hospitals in East Jerusalem

Red Noses Palestine is planning to target all Palestinian hospitals including in Gaza where the need is bigger.

General Objectives: The empowerment of patients in hospital with coping strategies to better deal with their personal situation in hospital thereby minimizing their stress levels during hospitalization are our main concerns. The concept of therapeutic clowning is very effective as the clowns are specialists for regaining childlike vitality and for assuming a positive attitude in a conflict situation.

Targeted group: the project aims at targeting the Palestinian children (especially traumatized) in the Palestinian hospitals. In the first phase, the project targets hospitals in five Palestinian cities; East Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jenin and Hebron. The clowns organize two visits per week for each hospital.

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