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New play tours the West Bank

Following the success of Our Sign is the Stone, The Freedom Theatre returns to Area C to document the life and resistance of people in Atuwani in the South Hebron Hills.

Atuwani is one of several small communities that are under full Israeli civil and military control. In contempt of international law, Israel has established a discriminatory system where Palestinians in this area are denied access to their land and water, as well as basic services such as housing, health care and education for their children, while facing constant harassment by Israeli settlers from the illegal settlements nearby.

The play, Atuwani, follows extensive research and interviews with community members, with a special focus on the women who play a central role in Atuwani’s struggle.

“To me this play is a perfect exercise in cultural resistance”, says Faisal AbuAlheja who is directing the play. “We go to a community that is facing unimaginable pressure and harassment from settlers and army. Yet they have managed to stay together, to fight together. We collect their stories, analyze them, turn them into a play, and then our Theatre School students tell the stories to other communities around the West Bank.”

Atuwani opened in Jenin on October 14th and will now embark on a tour to villages, towns and refugee camps across the West Bank; among them of course Atuwani.

Atuwani is made possible through support from the European Union, Sida - as part of the PAN program, the British Council and AFAC.


20/10 Jiftlik, at 18:00
21/10 Nabi Saleh, at 18:00
22/10 Ni’lin, at 18:00
23/10 Aida Camp, at 18:00
24/10 Al Walajah, at 18:00
26/10 Maasara, at 18:00
27/10 Aroub Camp, at 18:00
29/10 Atuwani, at 18:00
30/10 Atuwani, at 18:00

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